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We’ve got made to believe that men with a longer penis are better performers in bed than those whose penis is shorter in size. As a result of this, men have turned to various ways to enlarge their pills like pills, exercises and even surgery. Most men always wished their penis was an inch or two longer than it’s currently. Other forms of penis enlargement include creams, use of horrifying devices and all forms of brutal stretching exercises. Most men undertake penis enlargement with the aim to increase the length, girth or erectile rigidity of their penis. The question one is left asking is whether all these forms of penis enlargement do a good work?

Before you begin your penis enlargement mission, you first need to understand that the average size of an erected penis is about five to six inches long and has a four to five-inch circumference. A penis is always considered to be abnormally small when it measures less than three inches or eight centimeters when it has erected. You might, therefore, be going for penis enlargement when in the real sense you don’t need one. There are both non-surgical treatments and surgical treatments for penis enlargement, and they include pills & lotions, penile extenders, jelqing, vacuum devices, penis length surgery, penis girth surgery and liposuction.